Booking Your Spa Treatment


  1. We encourage you to make reservations in advance either via our website or phone. To confirm your booking, we need a partial payment via credit card.
  2. We accept payment in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) or major foreign currencies and credit cards. If you need to know how much it is in your own currency, we’ll inform you about foreign exchange rates when you contact us.
  3. Decide which spa outlet you plan to visit. This ensures your massage session is properly planned with all your needs met. (Pick from any of our 3 gorgeous spa outlets – one in Kuah town in City Bayview Hotel, one in Pantai Tengah and one in Pantai Cenang.)
  4. Inform us during booking and on arrival if you have any special physical or medical needs.
  5. All treatments can be done individually or as a couple. Most treatments can be completed in 1 hour while special treatments such as the Honeymoon Package takes up to 5 hours.


Cancelling Your Spa Appointment

  1. If you have booked a treatment session but are unable to attend, please let us know 6 hours in advance.
  2. If you don’t inform us that you are cancelling, a 50% of the price of the booked treatment will be charged to your credit card. If you cancel within 2 hours or do not show up for your session, the full price of the booked treatment will be charged to your credit card.
  3. If you would like to change your treatment session, also notify us 6 hours in advance.


Opening Hours & Transportation

  1. Alun-Alun Spa is a fully licensed Malaysian spa business with trained and licensed spa staff following strict professional standards of hygiene and safety. We are open daily from 10 am till 11 pm.
  2. We provide transport from your hotel and back. Please let us know your transport needs when you book.
  3. Spa to airport transfers are also available. Come to us for a rejuvenating time before you board your plane home or visit us the moment you land in Langkawi.
  4. Spa and shopping combinations are also offered. You can combine a great day at our spa to be followed by a day of shopping in Kuah town before we take you back to your hotel.


Preparing For Your Spa Experience

  1. Our spa treatments are for adults only. No children are allowed. However, if you have children, we can arrange for childcare/ babysitting facilities while you undergo your spa treatment. Childcare facilities are by pre-arrangement only so let us know well in advance.
  2. You are provided with robe and slippers to wear during your spa treatment. Your body will be covered at all times during treatment except the area that the masseur is working on.
  3. Arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. This allows you time to check in, kick off your shoes, change into the provided robe and slippers to relax a while before your spa treatment or massage begins. If you rush, you will not benefit fully from the session.
  4. To full enjoy your spa experience, turn off your cell phone while you are in our spa outlet.
  5. Allow 1 hour between your last meal and spa treatment. Do not drink caffeinated or alcohol before you arrive for your spa treatment.
  6. Our staff wish to provide you with the best possible treatment. If you are uncomfortable with the treatment for any reason (music volume, depth of pressure etc.) please let our staff know during the treatment. We will accommodate your requests.
  7. Our treatments are physical in nature and are meant to reduce stress, relieve tense or fatigued muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage and exfoliate the skin. You may experience a variety of symptoms after a treatment such as soreness, skin redness or minor bruising.


Other Facilities & Services

  1. Our City Bayview Hotel spa outlet has the additional use of pool, gym, steam room and sauna (the hotel charges a minimal fee for the use of these facilities. Please check with us if you’d like to use these hotel facilities.)
  2. If you need to use the swimming pool or gym at the Bayview Hotel (only available if you visit our spa outlet located at this hotel), do bring along your own bathing suit or gym wear.
  3. If you choose to use the City Bayview Hotel pool, gym, steam room and sauna, be aware that these facilities belong to the hotel. While we take great care to maintain your safety and security, we cannot be held responsible for lost items.
  4. All Alun-Alun Spa outlets consists of a hair salon, a hand and foot zone, a massage zone with private and communal rooms, a private beauty treatment zone and relaxing lounges.
  5. Our other services include: waxing (for body, legs and arms), manicure and pedicure, reflexology treatments, Chinese cupping and Chinese guasa treatments, facial steaming, facial treatments, face massages, high frequency treatment, slimming massages, hair treatments, hair perming and hair styling with Paul Mitchell hair products.
  6. Customise your own spa experience! You can do so by speaking to our spa consultant.